Welcome to the first annual Bridging the Gap Bringing Communities Together. I remember the first time I started to run and why I never stopped running. I started running in my teens because I wanted to lose weight now as I have matured my reasons for running are no longer for vanity but for my health. I remember the first day how my body struggled trying to jog a couple of blocks from my home. I was out of shape, trying to catch my breath, my heart was beating so hard it appe...ared as though I could hear it in my ear. I was thinking to myself why would anyone want to feel this way while exercising. I had to find a way and figure out how I was going to become a jogger without giving up on the first day. So I started with little goals, for example 1 block...the goal was to complete the entire block without stopping... once I successfully mastered the first goal I then added 2 blocks, then 3, 4, 5, until eventually after several months I reached a half mile, 1 mile 2 miles etc. Setting exercising goals is similar to most life goals.. be patient with yourself........when you fall down pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep moving........not only will you accomplish your objective but you will have mastered goals. I wanted to share my reason why I started moving to a more healthy lifestyle.......What are your reasons and SHARE why you started to walk, jog or run for the FIRST TIME....you

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